Choosing The Right Jump Seat


There are times when you need to take an extra set of hands to the jobsite to get a job done.  If the factory seats are filled other workers or tools, what are the options?  You can take another vehicle and waste the gas, or, it probably makes more sense to install a jump seat.

Jump seats come in different styles and with different options.  There are truck and van chairs that can fit between two front row bucket sits, or they can fit in the storage behind the two front seats.  Either way, this is a great, simple and safe way to get an extra person to a job site safely and efficiently.  Most of our van and truck jumps seats can be installed with just four bolts, and they all have a modern looking style made from different materials and colors so you can make the new seat coordinate with what is already in your truck or van.

Different jump seats come with different options to make using the seat more convenient.  There are fold up seat cushions to keep the seat out of the way when it is not in use.  This can be a handy accessory whether the seat has been installed in the front, or in the back.  There are also seats with adjustable head rests, or you could get a seat with a fixed head rest.

Other options include retractable seat belts that come with mounting brackets.  Some states require all seats to have a seat belt—whether the seats are after factor add-ons or not, and most insurance companies require that vehicles have working seat belts for the driver and each passenger.  Most of our jump seats come with non-retracting belts, but they can also be updated to retracting seat belts which most people find more convenient and less likely to become tangled in merchandise or equipment while the seat is not in use.

Seats without fold up cushions can also slide.  This is another way to make the trip more comfortable for the person who has to ride in the jump seat, and it helps put the seat in a position so that it is less likely to be in the way when not in use.

Some seats even have the option of allowing the user to recline.  When there is room and you’re taking a taller person, or if you have to take longer trips to the jobsite, a reclining seat can be a great option that will make the person sitting there more comfortable and more prepared to get to work.

When a customer orders a truck or van, they don’t always know exactly what they need.  However, with the addition of a jump seat, you can help make your work transportation meet your needs without having to break your budget.


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