Consider International Junior Golf Academy for Your Athletic Future


International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) is a boarding school and summer camp for talented and aspiring young golfers. At IJGA, experts will work with you to hone your skills and develop you not only into the best golfer you can be, but the best person you can be as well. Individualized one-on-one attention in a focused environment gives you the best chance of future success. The success of the academy speaks for itself, but why should you choose IJGA?

High Caliber Talent

Become part of a distinguished network of fellow junior golfers and successful professionals. By being around others of your same level, you will be pushed to become the best golfer you can be, while also feeling welcome and at home. Continually competing against high caliber talent will help you hone your competition skills. Become part of a group of people like Stephanie Meadow, an IJGA alumni who recently competed in the Olympics. In addition to competing at a national and worldwide level, many golfers are also offered college scholarships.

Educational Opportunity

The excellence of IJGA expands beyond the golf course.  The academic program is exceptional, helping students to land college scholarships and placing almost 100% of students in college. The small class sizes and wide range of courses offered allow students freedom and opportunity in their educational choices.

Develop the Whole Golfer

In addition to golf training, IJGA helps to expand minds and provide opportunity for personal growth. Meet both like-minded people and people from diverse backgrounds (28 countries are represented!), who will expand your worldview and introduce you to new opportunities.

Feel at Home

The living areas are a great place to get to know classmates. Instead of feeling cold and lonely like a typical dorm, IJGA living quarters are large and feel like home. Take advantage of the kitchen, living area, dining room, washer and dryer, and other amenities. Your dorm at IJGA will very quickly become your home away from home.

Exceptional Golf Training

As one of the premier programs in the world, the top notch training at IJGA should go without saying. By combining technical, physical, mental, and competitive training, the coaches and staff help students develop and fine tune their skills. Each student gets a personalized program based on their needs and goals. IJGA uses high tech equipment with the latest technology to ensure all students receive the best of the best.

If you’re looking to commit to improving your golf game, there’s no doubt that International Junior Golf Academy is for you. The focused program that works to develop the whole individual ensures that you improve not only your game, but your life as well. Take advantage of this great opportunity and apply to attend school or a camp at IJGA today!




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