Have you tried magic mushrooms grow kits yet?


Love magic mushrooms but have trouble procuring them? Grow your own in the privacy of your home with magic mushroom grow kits at low cost. Get creative and positive with shrooms

Magic mushrooms have great variety

Magic mushroom grow kits are available in a large variety. Since it may have legal implications, magic mushrooms are not available in many areas of the world. But, it is fairly easy to grow even in a small space with minimum effort. Just invest in a magic mushroom grow kit online and you are ready to begin. All that the kit needs is a proper assembly and a spray of water every now and then. You cannot go wrong if you follow the instructions on your pack. Be careful of contamination and you are ready to roll.

Magic mushroom kits are available online very easily. The most popular kinds are the Amsterdam truffles or the psilocybe hollandia, the philosophers’ stone or magic fungi, mycelium, Atlantis, and many more. All the varieties have a different trip and are worth trying out.

How to use the mushroom growing kit?

The magic mushroom grow kit needs a dark, warm and moist environment to perform. They can be grown outdoors in the shade or even indoors. The best part is that these magic mushrooms can be harvested in just three days. The yield is good and is well worth your money and effort. Once you get your magic mushroom kit you need to:

  • Once your order arrives from Trufflemagic.com, set up the inner box and keep the transparent box open for three days.
  • After three days place the magic mushrooms in the inner box in the lid of the outer box.
  • The holes in the lid of the outer box can be used as a strainer. Once you rinse under running water, shake the lid a little to dislodge the debris and the truffles are ready for consumption.
  • If the truffles are not for immediate consumption, do store in the fridge once excess water is drained. These stay fresh for up to at least two weeks. But surely, once you have grown them successfully you are not going to wait two weeks to ingest them!

Tripping on magic mushrooms

A good trip has a lasting positive effect on your psyche and has been known to cure depression. You connect with your inner self and reach a different level of spirituality. Just surrender to the flow and experience the most magical experience of your lifetime. So, what are you waiting for, get your own magic mushroom kit and get started. Once you experience a good trip, you would love to go the same way again on Trufflemagic.com.


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