Home Improvements for a Stress-Free Winter

As the foliage changes, showcasing glorious hues of rich golds, reds and every shade in between, it is so easy to be taken away by the magnificent scenes and just get lazy. What some homeowners might overlook is that this also signifies the coming of the winter queen and when the temperatures start to drop, undertaking home improvements to keep one of your greatest investments in tip-top shape is crucial.

Especially that New York offers a wide variety of fun and entertainment even throughout the snow and chill, you would never wan to miss out on the holiday cheers and quality time you had been anticipating to spend with loved ones. To keep the stress due to maintenance and repair issues away, here are top home improvements to keep homes most functional and comfortable throughout the snowy months whether you are in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Long Island.

Roofing and Gutters

This tandem is among the hardest working parts of the house that keep the interior as cozy as can be. Being the most exposed surface to harsh elements-natural and not, topping your list of home improvements with inspecting the roofing is a great start. Inspect the roof for bald spots and damaged shingles, gaps along flashes especially between siding and vent joints, moldy and damp spots, and broken mortar around the chimney. Without any problem on roofing, no leak will seep through the house and the water runoff will then flow into the gutters which will then lead away from the foundation to avoid water damages.

Service Heating System

Call on a furnace technician of HVAC contractor to do such home improvements for you if you are not up to the job. The furnace should be inspected, cleaned and maintained per manufacturer’s recommendations. Consider having your thermostat replaced with a programmable one. Bleed the valves of your water heater.

Get Fireplace Ready

If it has been a while since a chimney sweep has been in your list of home improvements, then it is high time to call for one to clear away creosote and soot. It is important that this build-up be periodically removed to avoid chimney fires. To keep out birds and rodents, have a screen or cap installed on top of the chimney.

Winterize Lawn

Winterizing the lawn will basically be made up of home improvements that are focused on cleaning and fix-ups. Practically doing these stuffs will be easier before winter without the hassles of snow and inconveniences of the icy chill. Some of the possible jobs you can do include:

  • Clean, and re-seal decks, and waterproof porches to help prevent damages throughout the snow as well as the coming after showers.
  • While the ground is still clear and moving around is easier outdoor home improvements such as fixing the fences is ideal.
  • Clear dead branches and leaves to prevent snowmolds.
  • Fertilize lawn with nitrogen.
  • Fill cracks along pavements and driveway.
  • Having no-frost heaters installed a great idea to avoid having your property buried in snow.

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