How to Find the Best Auto Insurance

Let’s face it; there’s nothing more frustrating than having trouble with car insurance companies. They charge so much for every month for a service you need once every couple of years – if that. And then, when you do need the best auto insurance help, when you’re in an accident, when there’s damage, you get the worst auto insurance help. That’s the worst. For years I was paying best auto insurance prices for the worst auto insurance service.

Some of my complaints are that the claims are rejected far too often. I don’t get it; it’s not like I wanted to damage my car! Even the best auto insurance companies have such convoluted and confusing policy options that I never am quite sure what is covered and what isn’t. The worst thing about even the best auto insurance companies is the wait time. The settlement payout process takes forever and is never exactly what they say it is. Luckily, there’s other companies out there. Here are some ways to find the best auto insurance.

The easiest way to find the best insurance company is to ask the staff at your local car repair shop. Think about it: who works with car insurance companies more than the guys that have to deal with as part of their day-to-day jobs? Many of these auto shops go through the same frustrating ordeals that us regular guys go through when dealing with the insurance companies, and they won’t be shy about telling you what they think if you ask. The shop I’ve gone too even has a rating system of the best auto insurance companies right in their lobby.

Another good way to find the right insurance company for you is to check online and through consumer forums. The Internet has been a great way for information to get around- for people to share their worst and best insurance company stories. Just keep in mind one thing; most people go on web sites to complain about bad service and products. Most of the time if they are happy with a service they don’t think to go online and share it with the world. Many times, they’re too busy enjoying it! That said, it’s good to know some of the worst things that could happen – just remember it might not be whole picture.

Finally, insurance companies offer free quotes. Always shop around. Don’t settle for the first good price you find. Do research, compare different quotes and ask other auto professionals. If you follow these tips, you’ll surely find the best insurance for you!

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