Should Glock 43 be your next hand gun?


It’s a Glock. It’s easy to operate and virtually low maintenance and extremely reliable. Add the hoard of aftermarket parts available, and you get a highly customized, precise hand gun at your disposal. But these are some traits associated with every Glock in the market. So what sets the Glock 43 apart from the rest of its contemporaries? Here are a few reasons why you should make the best use of the next Glock 43 for sale.
Small and powerful
The subcompact single stack is highly concealable. The gun measures only 0.87 inch in overall length. It is also quite light in weight, weighing in at just 22.36oz, loaded. Although it is not the smallest one you can afford, it is small enough to keep it well concealed. The next time you are making your rounds and a punk tries to mess with you, you can have a nice surprise tucked away in your waistband.
The G43 packs 6+1 rounds of 9mm. – which are the most commonly found, most trusted type of bullets, especially for domestic use. These rounds have enough fire power to keep danger at bay, without being as intimidating as the .45 ACP or other such rounds of ammo. Besides, the 9mm is available practically everywhere – especially at portals like Omaha outdoors, if that is where you tend to spend most of your online shopping time at.
Price point
A visit to the Glock 43 sale can set you back by a little over $500. It is not the most inexpensive handgun out there, but it is reasonably priced, like all the Glocks are anyway. Besides, it’s a small price to pay for the kind of reliability that accompanies the G43. Also, the high resale value justifies its initial costs. The Glock 43 is very much in demand. The brand name is enough to help get this one off of your hands if the need arises. Also, maybe you didn’t like how it feels in your hand. Maybe it’s too small for your needs. Maybe the “feel” isn’t just right. You can place it on the second hand market and it will be picked up by a gun enthusiast in no time.
Owing to these reasons, you can make no mistake when buying a Glock 43 for sale –Omaha outdoors. So, are you ready to buy yours yet?


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