Specifications of Apache


Technology is changing everything and it is making a revolution in every field of life. In the same technology is also changing the view of bikes. There is a new bike which is roaring in the market named as the apache rtr 200. This model has changed the view of people and along with this model access to the expensive bikes is easier. There are many new good changes and such innovative technology has been used in this bike which will make you stunned.

Specifications of apache rtr 200 are so amazing. Find out below the specifications which are really amazing:

1.    Engine

The engine of  apache is really powerful and it is 200 cc. You can get the best speed and best ride by the apache rtr 200. This will make you allow the nicest experience in the way of getting the charms.

2.    Power

The engine is really powerful and it would be like the 20.70 bhp. It has given the high speed and it will make you allow to get the finest things for you.

3.    Torque

You can find that the torque would be best and it will make you allow to have the fabulous ride. It has got the torque of 18.10 Nm which helps it to get the best speed. You don’t need to wait for much time as from the starting it will get the best speed.

4.    Gears

This bike is based on the 5 gears which can give your speed a sharp boost. Keeping the stability and not disturbing your ride you can find out the gears smoothly.

5.    Outlook

The company has devoted a lot of time to give shape to their bike. The bikes have been designed keeping in view the needs of yours. By having a look at apache 200 rtr photos will allow you to check out its fabulous designing.

6.    Pricing

When we pay a look at the pricing then you will be stunned to see. The apache rtr 200 price is about $1431.88. the price has been settled with care as this can be so wonderful for you.

These are some of the specifications of apache. You can get click at the best featuring of technology as this will enhance your experience of riding.


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