What Online Retailers Can Learn from the Best E-commerce Businesses


If there is such a thing as the best design for an online store, the biggest, most popular e-commerce companies should have a patent on that. Just because an online company is a leader in the field of e-commerce, it does not mean that their services are innovative and unique, but they are certainly effective. Beginner entrepreneurs and online retailers, who want to improve the look and functionality of their online stores, can learn a lot by following the solutions used by the best companies in their field of business. Start today by checking our advices for online retailers.

The key to popularity

When we try to describe the phenomenon of the popularity of the biggest online retailers, we stumble upon a vicious circle: these retailers are most popular, because their online stores are most often visited by customers, and these stores are most often visited, because these retailers are most popular among customers. We can “blame” Google for that problem: Google engine favors websites, which are most often accessed by visitors and these websites are placed at the top of the search result page. This leads to even more visits, because most customers click on links displayed at the top of the first page. Luckily, there are other ways to get to the top. If you want to be as popular as your favorite large online retailer, try search engine optimization, a special marketing campaign, which aims at placing your company at the very top of the result page. SEO services are less expensive, than you think, and even small online retailers can afford a simple promotional campaign. If you want to be more visible to your customers and more popular, you have to invest in search engine optimization.

Mobile website and apps

Mobile versions of websites and mobile applications, which improve the shopping experience, are currently so popular among retailers, that we can call them the modern standards for e-commerce. We strongly advise small and mid-sized e-commerce companies to follow in the footsteps of their more experienced colleagues and invest in mobile websites and applications. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular as platforms for accessing internet and buying online, therefore any kind of online business, from a local restaurant to an online store serving global clients, can gain from having a mobile website and a mobile application. Mobile solutions are very affordable, to order a mobile website for your online store contact a Magento web developer and choose the best option for your business.

Clean interface and content rich product pages

 The current trend for designing websites is to stick to a clean layout with every important button and tab easily noticeable. It is hard to imagine a good online store without high quality graphics and high resolution photos – together with films and product descriptions they provide retailers with the best means to advertize their products. Make sure that your photos capture the most important details of your products and your descriptions include headings, bullet points, bold text and other graphic means, which allow you to keep a clean layout of your product page.


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