What You Should Know Before Dressing For Homecoming

It doesn’t matter if this is your last year at school or, instead, you are the high school freshman anxious to know about the wonderful things will happen, Homecoming traditions will bring out the best in your school spirit and will welcome you into the alumni.

During the past few weeks you must have been looking for Homecoming Dresses but until now, only have two things clear: to look spectacular and that no one else has your dress! … For that reason, we all want it to be unforgettable. Here are a few tips about the homecoming outfits you should look forward.

Homecoming: A Fashion Event

Yes, homecoming is a less formal event than Prom Night, but there is no such thing as “too casual” or “too over the top”; Your options for this summer can range from models worthy of a magazine cover or party dresses with lots of sparkles, which are equally valid. Now that you are focused, here are the primary goals to agree:


The seasonal colors are vibrant shades, for example, the electric blue and its variations, green pistachio or emerald, yellow, coral and the inevitable red. You can also use textiles with abstract patterns of color or lean by fabrics with texture and much shine; this doesn’t require a very elaborate design to look spectacular.

Long or short?

The length or short of the dress will depend on some factors such as the height: if you are short or tall.  However, for dancing, you must go for your comfort, among other factors to consider. In case you want to show off your legs and at the same time give a vibe of glamor and fantasy you can opt for an excellent high-low.

As an example we have found several models in the last launch made by JVN– the most affordable line released from Jovani Fashion; These designer garments stand out for being designed only to be the best compliment girl’s lives. You could carry the gorgeous Black and White High-Low Party Dress model. It is a fusion between black and white that will accentuate your elegance.


USA Today advises us in 8 Prom dress trends for 2018 the necklines and asymmetric cuts. These necklines are more creative, besides giving a more chic look to your dress, another option is draping in different directions, of course, remember that these give volume.

What kind of fabric?

As for the Homecoming Dresses for this summer, choose lighter and more satin fabrics that will give a glamorous touch to your look. You can also add shine, details with lace, stones, and everything possible to provide a unique touch to the design of your dress. Satin fabrics have been seen all over the world, undoubtedly one of the favorite materials of the moment, shaping up as a trend for 2019.

The drapes are in rage mixed with vaporous and relaxed silhouettes that highlight your features. The Greek-style outline, whether it’s a half-shoulder design or a super-exposed back-neck design, is always a must. The applications of lace or flowers are another option being used a lot. You will delight everyone wearing with panache some stylized flowers with a JVN garment like the Ivory Sleeveless Fit and Flare Tulle Dress.


They are essential when it comes to complementing your look, remember to keep a balance between the maximalist of them and the minimalist of your design or vice versa. Excesses are fatal and would ruin everything. For the current homecoming landscape we found :

  • Striking bracelets
  • Chest style collars.
  • Big earrings.

These accessories are the perfect combination for a dress of simple cuts with two tonalities, but if your dress is striking by itself, we suggest a very sophisticated and discreet accessory, but be careful with being boring.

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